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This page contains resources and instructional materials to support the use of PhysLab in A-Level Physics classes in Secondary Schools. PhysLab is a virtual 3D world containing a number of interactive experiments which may enhance and extend teaching, including real experiments.

PhysLab has been created in discussion with several practising A-Level teachers, working with our research team, but it needs to evolve. The principal researcher  was involved in the Nuffield A-Level Physics Project (Revision 1985, yikes a long time ago). Yet we carry the aims, objectives and philosophy of this project forward into PhysLab.

This is a research project. We need now to understand how simulations can be best integrated with current classroom practice. There are a host of Physics simulations available, and we need to know how PhysLab stacks up against these.

We invite you to investigate Physlab and to contribute your expertise to its development. Please consider contributing to the "live" Teacher Handbook and therefore contribute to our community of physics ecucators. Email me directly.


Installation Code-Drop Download and install PhysLab. This is the latest version 27-01-19.

  Installation Instructions
          Physics Education Article  

Supporting Materials. Here you will find resources Linked to the Physics Education Journal Article including the Code-Drop, Installation Instructions, Teacher Handbook and an introductory movie.


                Teacher Handbook 20-02-19  
                Introductory movie-clip  
                Link to Physics Education Article  

Plotting Scripts A set of scripts to allow easy plotting of data from PhysLab experiments.

                Bundled Octave Scripts 27-01-19  
                Installing and using Octave  

Researching Based on your feedback we shall provide notes on enhancements and extensions here, including code-drops


                PhysLab Code-Drop Upgrade  
  Notes on Research and Upgrade