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Here's some links to workshop materials for Sessions 1 to 6 for Semester1. Please note lectures highlighted in yellow. These will be available at any time, at least when they are available.

Workshop1 Computing with the Physical World - Arduino
Link to Webots
Webots Assets
Arduino Structure
Extension Worksheet

LECTURE Live 18-09-20



Workshop 2  Introduction to the WBEngine



  WBEngine Download


  Actor-Props-Scenery Sheet


  Code Function Summary


  Loop Trace Diagram


  LECTURE Live 26-09-20



          Workshop 3   Flow Diagrams and Loops  



Loop Trace Diagram

            Raptor Files  
            Raptor Download  
            Bug Fix  
            LECTURE Live 26-09-20  
            Voice Recording  
          Workshop 4   Loops and Arrays. Simple Algorithms  
            Raptor Files  
              LECTURE Live 09-10-20  
          Workshop 5   Sort and Search Algorithms. Speed of algorithms.  
            Executable Code  
            LECTURE Live 16-10-20  
          Workshop 6   Algorithms for Games and Robots  
            Worksheet Physics  
            LECTURE Physics  
            Worksheet Robots  
            WeeBee Code Files  
              LECTURE Robots