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This page documents the development of a new PhysLab using Epic Games' Unreal-5 Engine. The work started summer 2022 and is ongoing. All resources here are live, and subject to continuous update. The resources below have been created with Unreal 4.27.2 since this is the platform currently installed on the machines in our Computing Lab. Porting to Unreal-5 will start fall 2022.


Materials for Matt Pethybridge, Prince Henry's school Evesham, UK. These materials have been developed to trial a deployment in schools, fall 2022. They are draft materials which Matt is using to generate some class-room resources. The idea is that his sixth-form (111th-12th grade) students will be able to use Unreal and C++ to code their own physics experiments


Supporting Materials. These are draft resources, supplied to Matt who will then revise them to make them student-friendly.


                Getting Started coding in C++ with Unreal  
                Coding the U-Tube oscillator  
                Coding the Apocalypse fairground ride  
                Notes on using Octave  
                Background for Damped Harmonic Oscillator  
                Scaling Ordinary Differential Equations  
          Movie Clips  

Movie Clips Selection of legacy UDK experiments and Unreal-4 prototypes.

                UDK Legacy  
          MAS22   Modelling and Simulation Engine. This is our engine (under development) which will be used for much of our teaching and research and form the basis of the Physics Lab materials.These work with Unreal 4.27.2