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Here's some links to workshop materials. Since this is a new module, resources are being trialled and added. The idea is that you work through the worksheets at your own pace. I've tried to chunk the material into weeks (large blue squares).

  Breakfast Chapters

Chapter 1 Robot Kinematics

Chapter 1 Robot Kinematics (Part 2)

Chapter 1 Robot Kinematics (Part 3)

Chapter 2 Robot Control Architectures

Chapter 3 Sensors

Chapter 4 Navigation

Chapter 5 Robot Vision

  1. Parallax Robot - Object Avoidance
Arduino Assets
Worksheet 1 Hello Parallax Robot
Worksheet 2 Obstacle Avoidance FSM
Worksheet 3 Whiskers (option)
Worksheet 4 Dead Reckoning
              Creating a portable Arduino  
Breakfast with Dr.C Chapter 1


            2. Parallax Robot - Line Following  
            Arduino Assets  
            Worksheet 3 Line Following  
            Worksheet 4 Wall Hugging  
            Breakfast with Dr.C Chapter 2  Chapter 3  
            3. Object Detection and Navigation  
            Arduino Assets  
            Worksheet Navigation to an Object  
            Worksheet Navigation between Objects  
            Breakfast with Dr.C Chapter 4  
            4. Robot Kinematics  
            Arduino Assets  
            Worksheet Wheel Encoders -1-  
            Worksheet Wheel Encoders -2-  
            5. Robot Vision: Object Localization, Navigation  
            Arduino Assets  
            Octave Assets  
            Worksheet Camera Setup  
            Worksheet Camera Calibration  
            Worksheet Object Localization  
            Worksheet Navigation between Objects (Vision)  
            Breakfast with Dr.C Chapter 5  
            6. Movement with Stepper Motors (Harry Robot)  
            Arduino Assets  
            Building Harry  
            Worksheet Lines and Arcs with Steppers  
            Breakfast with Dr.C Chapter 1 (part 3)  
            7-8. SENSORIUM - Sensor Circus  
            Arduino Assets  
            Heartbeat Sensor  
            Flame Sensor  
            Magnetic Field Sensor  
            Rotary Encoder  
            Sound Sensor  
            Temperature Sensor  
            Sharp IRed Distance Sensor  
            Robot Eyes  
            Laser Rangefinder  
            Galvanic Skin Response Sensor  
            Accelerometer / Compass  
          Design-Build-Test Mini-Projects

See separate web-page

              dxf file for Harry