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This page contains your Mini-Lectures, Workshops, Resources and other notes. Please note the color coding.

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Mini-Lecture introducing the module. How this module will be delivered. Introduction to the concepts of Modelling and Simulation


Here is information how to install the required software on your PC. If you find your PC or Laptop cannot support UDK or Webots, then email me immediately and I will arrange the loan of a UNI Laptop.

    The UDK installer can be found here.
    The Simulation Engine software can be found here.


Mini-Lecture: Installing and Running UDK
    Installing and Running UDK pdf
    Link to the Unreal-3 Documentation
    Webots Assets
    Mini-Lecture: Installing and Running Webots
Workshop 1 (UDK)

The Apocalypse Ride at Drayton Manor Park. Here we shall learn how to model a simple dynamical system and convert this model to Unreal Script. We shall carry out some investigations of the ride's behaviour.



    Engine Tweak 1    Please Install 14-01-21
Extension Worksheet
Workshop 2 (UDK)
Verification and Validation. Here we are going to use the Monster Truck to verify and validate coded models. Important stuff since this will go into your First Assignment


Workshop 3 (UDK)

Linear and Non-linear Systems. The difference between a linear and a nonlinear system are explored. We shall continue using the Monster Truck suspension as an example.

  Live Mini-Lecture (part 1)
  Live Mini-Lecture (part 2)
    Extension Worksheet
  Live Mini-Lecture for Extension Worksheet (Part 1)
  Live Mini-Lecture for Extension Worksheet (Part 2)
    Octave Assets for Extension Worksheet
Workshop 4 (WB)

Robot Vision. Robots use their on-board cameras for a range of tasks including navigation and object recognition. Here we shall explore either of these options. Note: If you have studied Comp3302 then you will have studied line-following already. This option is not available to you here.

    Webots Assets


Mini-Lecture Introduction to Images and Color


Mini-Lecture Line Following
    Worksheet Line Following


Mini-Lecture Object Recognition
    Worksheet Object Recognition
Workshop 5 (WB)

Central Pattern Generators. These are neural circuits, collections of a small number of neurons which produce regular movement in animals. Important applications are in walking where they explain gait patterns (walk, trot, canter, bound). Here we shall develop a CPG suitable for the motion of a salamander (both walking and swimming)

    Octave Assets
    Webots Assets
  Live Mini-Lecture ODEs
  Live Mini-Lecture Neurons
  Live Mini-Lecture Salamander
    Salamander Worksheet
Workshop 6 (WB)

Control Theory Autonomous control of systems is ubiquitous. We have "fly by wire" (computer controlled) planes, self-driving cars (or at least cruise-control), thermostatic control of heating systems in the home and in industry. Here we shall investigate how a "PID" controller works.

    Webots Assets
    UDK Assets
    Octave Assets
    Some Theory
Workshop 7 - 12

Projects The link to these pages will appear soon. In the meantime, see the module RoadMap.