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Hi there! Here's the current schedule for this module. Keep an eye on this page for updates (indicated in red).




This schedule consists of four "Units" of materials which are spread over a single semester. Each unit comprises a coherent set of topics and activities. The assessment consists of four "position papers" which are to be submitted as shown below. Color coding indicates which sessions each paper draws on.

w/c ILO Topic Preparation R+S
21st September 4 Image Processing      
28th September 4 Image Processing      
5th October 4 Image Processing      
12th October 4 Image Processing      
19th October 1 Logic and Turing     PP1
26th October 1 Logic and Turing      
2nd November   Progression Week    
9th November 1 Logic and Turing      
16th November 2 Robot Navigation     PP2
23rd November 2 Robot Navigation      
30th November 2 Robot Navigation      
7th December 2 Robot Navigation Online    
14th December 3 Optimization - Curve Fitting Online   PP3
21st December 3 Optimization - Curve Fitting Online    
15th January   Position Paper 4 hand-in: Blackboard 15:00 Friday 15th Jan 2020   PP4