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Here's some links to workshop materials. Since this is a new module, resources are being trialled and added. The idea is that you work through the worksheets at your own pace. I've tried to chunk the material into weeks (large blue squares). The 'Solutions' are short movie-clips of the robot behaving, when coded correctly.

  1. Introduction to Webots
Webots Assets
Worksheet 1 The Boebot Robot
Mini-lecture  1


            2. Sensors  
            Webots Assets  
            Mini-lecture 2  
            Worksheet 2 Time of Flight, IRed sensors  
            Worksheet 3 Light Sensors  
            Mini-lecture 3  
            Worksheet 4 Application - Braitenberg  
            Solution - Self-Organizing Lights  
            Mini-lecture 4  
            Worksheet 5 Compass and GPS  
            3. Robot Kinematics  
            Webots Assets  
            Mini-lecture 5 (Kinematics)  
            Mini-lecture 6 (Odometry)  
            CBP_Notes (Chapters 3 then 2.5)  
            Worksheet 6 Odometry  
            Solution 1  
            Solution 2  
            4. Object Detection  
            Webots Assets  
            Mini-lecture 7  
            Worksheet 7 Vector Field Histogram  
            Solution 1  
            Solution 2  
            5. Computer Vision  
            Webots Assets  
            Mini-lecture 8  
            Intro and Object Detection  
            Solution 1  
            Mini-lecture 9  
            Obstacle Avoidance  
            Solution 2  
            Mini-lecture 10  
            Line Following using Vision  
            6. Maze-Solving  
            Webots Assets  
            Mini-lecture 11  
            Introduction to Maze-Solvers  
            Nice Journal Article  
            7. Navigation  
            Webots Assets  
            Mini-lecture 12 Live 14-11-20  
            Potential Fields  
            8. Preparation for DBT Mini-Project  
            Webots Assets  
            Salamander Notes  
            Collaborating with Others