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Here's some links to workshop materials for Sessions 1 to 6 Semester2. Please note lectures highlighted in yellow. These will be available at any time, at least when they are available.

Workshop 1 Robot Sensors and Actuators
  Mini-Lecture Sensors
  Webots Assets
  Worksheet Distance Sensors
  Worksheet Light Sensors
Workshop 2 Braitenberg Vehicles

  Mini-Lecture Braitenberg Vehicles


  Worksheet Braitenberg Vehicles



Workshop 3 Obstacle Avoidance, Line Following

  MiniLecture Obstacle Avoidance


  Worksheet Obstacle Avoidance


  Mini-Lecture Line Following


  Worksheet Line Following


  Mini-Lecture Colour



          Workshop 4.5   Design, Build, Test Mini-project  

Mini-Lecture: Project outline


Project Brief

                Webots Assets  
                Octave Assets  
          Workshop 6   Fetch-Execute Cycle  
                SAM-4 Simulator Download